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All About Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that has made online learning interactive and easy. The various tasks that it performs include documentation, reporting, administration, tracking, and delivery of an online learning training program and education courses.

There are various ways in which learning management systems are used. Their use ranges from software programs designed for managing education and training to the ones that are used to provide online blended learning courses that incorporate features which make online learning easier and fun.

Education institutes use learning management systems to provide online courses. Similarly, corporate organizations use learning management systems to carry out online trainings for their employees. Organizations also use these management systems for employee registration and record-keeping.

Purpose that Learning Management Systems Fulfils

A learning management system is an all-round program with a systematic nature that handles all elements of the learning procedure.  It is a framework that:

  • Manages and delivers instructional data.
  • Assesses and identifies different training and learning goals, depending on the party using it.
  • Tracks the progress.
  • Accumulates and systematically presents data.

Besides all this, an LMS also helps manage different course registrations, administrations, reporting and tracking.

Most of the learning management systems are web-based applications that facilitate online learning and administration. Similarly, educational institutes make use of LMS to enhance classroom teaching by providing blended learning. Similarly, the use of LMS lets educational institutes offer courses to a larger number of students.

All About Learning Management System

Confused With other Software Programs?

Despite LMS’s distinct features, the software application is often confused with learning content management system (LCMS). An LCMS is a software application related to LMS, that is, it uses LMS to perform certain tasks.

The basis of an LMS program is to deliver online training or courses to learners. It helps manage learners and keeps track of their performance and the progress they have made. It is, however, not used for making course material. On the other hand, an LCMS is a software application that helps create, manage, store, deliver and reuse online learning content. It basically concentrates on producing, publishing and managing content that an LMS typically delivers. By using an LMS, a person can reduce the duplication of data while reusing and creating the online learning content.

The Benefits

There are several benefits that a good learning management system provides. A few of these benefits are mentioned here:

Interactive Learning

Learning management system can be designed in an interactive manner by incorporating the use of images, video and audio files and colorful texts. This makes them a perfect tool for online education. Along with using a learning management system, learners can carry on discussions with their peers through online forums. This makes the entire learning session more engaging and interactive. Take ProProfs LMS System for example. The website is bundled with the loads of features and is perfect for anyone (teachers and learners alike) involved in the learning field.

Flexibility of Learning

LMS allows trainers and companies to upload all training content to a central location. This helps employees and students to obtain and access the learning content at any given time, from any possible location. All that is required is a computer or other compatible device with an internet connection.

Time Saving

By incorporating the use of learning management systems, trainers, companies and instructors can save several hours of precious time that would otherwise have to be spent if traditional training approaches are used. Unlike traditional training sessions conducted at educational institutes, learning management systems allow trainers to schedule and organize training courses according to the needs of the students and employees.

Learning management systems are getting more advanced and comprehensive with the passage of time. By using them, companies and educational institutes can provide highly interactive and stress-free training and online learning sessions.

Author Bio: David Miller is an educational researcher, involved in the field of teaching and online learning. He is associated with prestigious universities and many leading educational research organizations. As an ed-tech veteran, his area of research also includes new technologies for online training. Currently David is experimenting with flipped classroom models and using online survey software to improve teaching through frequent course & teacher evaluations.