5 Fantastic Places To Dip Yourself In The Eclectic Culture Of Pune

Pune can be a pure pleasure for anyone who imbibes culture and history. Commonly known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, the city has a great mix of tradition and modernity. Where on one hand we have some really cool commercial infrastructure and university campuses, there are also some cultural hubs totally worth taking a look at.

Pune can easily be reached from major cities in India. The city is easily connected with regular flights, trains and buses from destinations all over the world. Pune also has several hotels catering to different budget needs. If you’re planning to take a day’s trip it is advised to look for hotels in Pune near airport to avoid main city’s traffic clutter. Several good rated three and five star hotels can found in the airport complex suburbia.

5 Fantastic Places To Dip Yourself In The Eclectic Culture Of Pune

For a really enriching cultural tour of Pune here are some of the top picks every affectionate must visit:

  1. Osho Commune International: This spiritual community located in Koregaon Park is one of the main reason for huge tourist influx in the city. Established in 1970 by its founder Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain or Osho, this commune offers multiple self-help and spiritual courses. Though the unorthodox teachings of Osho have been morally objected but this doesn’t slow down the visitors footfall.
  2. National War Museum: Conceptualised in 1996 and established two years later, this museum stands tall as a remembrance to the brave Indian soldiers who lost their lives in post Independence wars. Located in city’s cantonment area this museum is a great effort of the society and purely crowdfunded. The names of the lost souls are engraved in marble slabs placed all around the museum along with replica of the warship INS Trishul and a MIG 23 BN.
  3. Pune University: Considered to be one of the oldest institutions in India, the Pune university was initially built to serve as the governor’s residence. The entire university campus is filled with lush green lawns and fountains, creating a relaxing ambience perfect for morning and evening strolls. Not just this, it is also a great meeting point for city’s intellect and debaters.
  4. Aga Khan Palace: This elegant mansion was built by Sultan Aga Khan lll in 1892. An important landmark during the Indian freedom struggle, the palace served as prison for Mahatama Gandhi and Sarojini Naidu during the British rule. Today, the palace interiors contains several photos and personal belongings of Mahatama Gandhi. The palace was declared a national heritage in 2003 by the Archaeological Survey of India. A must visit.
  5. Kelkar Museum: For a culture aficionado the Kelkar museum is a great collection of Indian paintings, musical instruments, woodwork, sculptures, jewellery, writing instruments, textiles and everything else that is true show of Indian prowess in artforms.

If cultural trips excite you then taking a deeper insight into a city like Pune is totally worth it. Plan up you trip well in advance and confirm for the accommodation and travel bookings. These days new age options like mobile app based functions for intracity travel and lodging like Oyo rooms in Pune are easily available. So, plan up a trip and soak in the culture of Pune!