World Renew Program Aims at Minimum Primary Literacy for all in “Giving Tuesday”

November 29, 2013 is Black Friday all over in USA. Another important event is on December 3 rd, 2013, the coming Tuesday when a group of USA wants to encourage education all over the world by circulating a global campaign with an objective to provide at least the primary education to all. As the occasion is to give knowledge so the day is significantly named as “Giving Tuesday”.

Objective of this program is:

• To make education a primary factor for all the national leaders and decision-makers.
• Along with this, they also aim at measuring the progress of the world regarding the same.

United Nation Educational, Scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO) believes that literacy is such a power through which one can improve health, income and also relationship with others. As per the analysis made by the UNESCO 2012 more than 775 people throughout the world are still illiterate and more than 152 million children are following their footsteps.

It has been found in 2010 that 200 million people did not even complete their primary school classes. Most of them were between the ages of 15-24 years. They concluded that the progress regarding basic education is gradually becoming stagnant day by day. The ultimate figure comes roughly like this:

• One out of every five people are still lacking the basic knowledge
• Two third of women of the world are illiterate
• 4250 million kids are far away from skill of writing and reading.

Role of literacy

• Literacy directly links the community with the development of them
• It also increases the challenge of development of the society at a large.
• Literacy enlightens people and show the correct path for making correct decisions of their life.
• Enhanced knowledge of reading and writing opens doors of many job opportunities.

Role of world renew program

• It faces these challenges of making every one literate not only in USA but also throughout the world
• To encourage education they organize classes and establishes literacy groups all over the world
• They strongly challenge to improve livelihood of people

The world renew group believes in the statement of Jesus Christ of improving livelihood. So, anyone who wants to contribute to the world education program may help through World Renew and pray by either participating in the program in “Giving Tuesday” or by giving good wishes through the relevant site.