Why College Students Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Most Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. This trend is seen even more so in college students because they are torn between class and having fun.

That newfound freedom can make some people get a little crazy. Before you know it, you’ve been up and it’s 3:00 am. And you have a class at 8:00 the next morning. Your choice then becomes, to get a full night’s sleep or to actually go to class. If you skip, your performance and grade can suffer. This is an all too common scenario and the result is a classroom full of hung over sleepy students.

Of course, this isn’t the only reason why students lose sleep. Procrastination is also rampant in college campuses across the country and when you have a ten pages to write and you waited until the day before, chances are you won’t be sleeping very much tonight. This is also true when cramming for quizzes and exams. It’s doubtful that so many students work so well late at night when they should be sleeping. It’s even less likely that they like it that way. But that’s the way things are done.

Why College Students Don't Get Enough Sleep

Additionally, when the weekend comes, parties and clubbing could keep you up all night, messing up your sleep schedule. If you stay up on your average Saturday night until 4:00 in the morning, and you get a full night’s sleep, you’ll be waking up around noon or one the next day. So you’ll be ready for bed way later than usual on Sunday night, making you extra tired come class time Monday morning.

Work can also play a big part in why students don’t get enough sleep. A lot of students work while they’re in school to pay for living expenses. Your school and work schedule can work together to keep you exhausted and sleep deprived.

This is the norm for most students but it doesn’t have to be this way. College allows you the freedom to make your own schedule. So if you know that you frequently stay up late nights and end up really tired in class, or even worse, too tired to go to class, then you should sign up for afternoon and evening classes. And if you work, you should make sure that you can do so while giving yourself enough time to rest up.

Sleep is important and even though it is often postponed for other activities. You should make sure that you make time for at least eight hours a day even. Even though consecutive sleep is healthier should at least nap between classes to reach a comfortable rested level.