Which Universities Have the Best Accommodation?

Here is the list of universities with the best accommodations and hostels for students.

1. Lancaster University

Score: 86.1

According to a survey of 2018, Lancaster University topped the ranking of universities with best accommodation for the students. The university was ranked on top because they have great facilities and the hostels are really nice. Students of the university praised the hostel management as well as eating arrangements.

2. Loughborough University

Score: 83.6

This is another university with great accommodation and hostel facilities for the students. It was ranked second in the list for outstanding hostel services. The management is great and they take great care of the students when it comes to solving their issues and letting them enjoy the best accommodation at the university hostels.

3. Winchester University

Score: 83.5

Winchester has been voted as the best place to live in the UK and is often in top ten lists and so makes for a great choice and there are also lots of choices for great student accommodation. Moreover, if you’re looking for accommodation near Winchester University, Unilife is a great resource.

4. Harper Adams University

Score: 83.1

Harper Adams University was ranked 3rd when it comes to the best universities for accommodation. According to the students living in the hostels and using accommodation of Harper Adams University, they have amazing services. The facilities regarding residence, food, and convenience of the students are great. They didn’t have any issues there.

5. Edge Hill University

Score: 82.9

Edge Hill University was very close to the 3rd university in ranking for best hostels and accommodation. The services and facilities being offered to the students here are top notches. They are better than most of the universities in the UK and the satisfaction rate shows students are happy with whatever the arrangements have been made here.

6. University of Sheffield

Score: 82.8

The list for the best universities for accommodation ranked the University of Sheffield at 5th position for the amazing residence services being given to the students of the university. The survey was conducted in all the respective universities so there is no chance of any mistakes. Students never hide if there is something wrong with the university hostels.

7. Bangor University

Score: 82.2

Bangor University stood 6th in the ranking of universities offering outstanding and best accommodation facilities to their students. What makes Bangor University hostels so amazing and great for the students are their services, quality food, peaceful environment, and all the modern facilities students expect in a place where they live. Bangor University truly defines the standards of the best accommodation in the UK.

8. University of Exeter

Score: 81.2

University of Exeter students will be surprised and proud to learn that their university has been ranked in the top ten universities for providing great accommodation facilities to its students coming from all over the world. They indeed offer the best and necessary facilities in a great way and student satisfaction is the proof of it.

9. University of Leeds

Score: 80.0

Here comes the last university in our list of the best universities for accommodation services to the students. The University of Leeds is one of the best and finest educational institutions and its reputation for quality education as well as amazing hostel facilities is true. They have the best services as compared to many other top universities in the UK. —