What are the Best Occasions for Giving Flowers

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, or the birth of a new baby, flowers can be the ideal gift. People have been giving flowers as gifts for a long time and now you can order flowers online. What is the best way to make your floral present stand out to the recipient? Here are three tips on using flowers to send the message that you care:

Arrangements With Brilliant Colors

The way that most people give flowers is that they choose a bunch of one type of flower; the traditional dozen roses is a good example. The other way is that they get a set of flowers that look like they complement each other. When you opt for a professional flower arrangement from a florist in Pennant Hills, you get a composition that will look like more than just random colors thrown together. It will look like a well-crafted piece.


Posies With a Theme

It is a common misperception that the posy is a type of flower when it is really a term for a kind of bouquet. How do you go about selecting the right posy to use as a present? You may want to try giving it a theme. When celebrating the birth of a baby, you could use the theme of freshness; you could use white flowers to establish this theme. If you want the flowers to reflect the gender of the baby, you could use blue or pink flowers instead. A fall theme would involve using red and orange flowers; pink ones may be used throughout the year. You can also make your posies stand out by using colors with the same hue; violet, blue and purple flowers are a good idea.

Plants as Presents

Flowers can be given on any occasion, but they may not last for very long. However, a plant is a gift that keeps living. You can give gifts that last for years in the form of potted lilies, orchids and jades. Plants make excellent long-lasting presents.

A dozen roses from a florist might be convenient, but will the recipient find it memorable? Give a gift of flowers that will be remembered. Florist With Flowers has the flower arrangements, plants and bouquets that you can give on any type of occasion. Get more information here: