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Virtual High Schools Becoming Hugely Popular for Some Students

A major trend is happening in many part of the country, Virtual schools are becoming more popular and modern technology is being implemented to make these schools as close to actual in-person schooling as they can get. The technology now exists to make a virtual classroom one where as much learning can get done as a regular classroom, and even in classrooms that are not providing virtual classroom services, technology and especially new technology is more and more necessary as students need to learn how to use the tools of today’s world.

troubled teensIn Boston, Mass. A small private school has a virtual classroom for the first time. Boston Prep Charter School in Hyde Park is helping students prepare so that they are ready when they get to college. Boston Prep Principal Sarah Meyer says that nearly every senior that leaves Boston Prep Charter School will be going to a four year university. However, she says that the school doesn’t offer every class that students could want. That’s exactly why they use the virtual classroom system. The company is based in Maynard and it offers those missing classes to the high school students who need them. “Students in rural areas or in urban settings that may not have exposure to the variety of AP courses or special courses can take those anytime, anywhere they want,” says CEO of the virtual high school Jeffrey Elliott.

According to Meyer, it adds a completely new way to learn and gives their school more to offer. “It really does give them that experience of being in a seminar or being in a college-style course that you might get at a prep school or private school,” she said. Students that are taking these courses are learning brand new skills that will help them when they get to college, and keep them on track. For example, one student, Oluwaseun Adebagbo is learning how to manage her time better and work independently. “Every week we always have problems for credit which is our main homework,” Adebagbo says.