University Lays Hope Upon Its Alumnus Who Face Professional Challenges

The Graduate School of Education under University of Southern California has started to offer career counseling to any of their alumnus who has been undergoing professional challenges.

One of the most acclaimed and profound teachers’ colleges can jolt up the field with its extraordinary plan as announced on Thursday. The renowned Rossier School of Education will take an extra step for their graduates making a promise that they would definitely get a job wherever they plan to apply for teaching.

Karen Gallagher the dean of the school stated that the institutions must take a step ahead and be confident of their products and must provide the assurance that they will get a proper job after passing out from their school.

Also another private institution that is USC does not want to call it a guarantee, but it claims that it will definitely take a step and will make a ‘commitment’ to 6 of the graduate programs at the Rossier graduate program, which includes, counseling, family therapy, education and marriage.

They stated that alumnus, young or old, anyone of them who have been facing professional crisis or challenges of any kind are free to call up on their helpdesk number which is available 24/7. On the other end of the call will be a Rossier staffer who is a part of the ‘Rapid Response Team’ will try to identify the issue and where is the problem actually. They will try to sort things out and make room for improvement; they also might take an initiative to visit the teacher’s classroom and additionally talk to supervisors.

As per Gallagher, the lineup will set up off with 9 staffers, and 3 of them are themselves from teacher education program. As per her estimation, around 25,000 people are entitled for the presented service, but initially, she is not feeling that they would be flooded with phone calls.

The school run a very huge online program of graduate students which is around 4 times a year, has already produced 2,000 graduates since the year 2009 and out of these she says around 1,800 had enrolled and studied online. In teaching from USC around 32 academic credits are needed for Master of Arts and the cost is around $1,536 or a bit more.

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education CEO and President Sharon Robinson states that USC thrives to put in greater resources behind its pledges and promises so that they can guarantee and be certain that the candidates passed out from their center are having an effective and smooth career ahead.