Training The Child’s Observation On The Road

Child’s will be very sensitive about the special landscapes, novelties and interesting stories on the road. It is a pity if they can’t keep in mind while the ideas still fresh. Reading can foster their imagination, but travel not only can foster their imagination, but also their Observation. Here are some information for you to foster your child’s observation on the road.

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Setting a Theme

Setting a theme for every trip. “Finding words” is the theme of our family trip in the first year. We can find many new and useful words on the trip, such as brand signs, signposts and bus stop signs. There are many chances to test child’s observation as long as we give attention. This year our theme was “finding lion”, found the lion and imitated its actions. When we came back, we picked out these pictures, let the child tell a story. You can even print out the photos and attach to his workbooks.

Training The Child's Observation On The Road

Write and Draw at Anywhere

Apart from take pictures and videos, it will be a good souvenir if you can let your child write or draw something. The memory can’t be so cold because of your child’s handwriting. Prepare a blank notebook and some pens, tell them to draw and write if there is a spare time such as drink coffee or have lunch. You are the role model of them, better to do together.

No more than Three

Museum is a place where the parents often bring their child to visiting. In addition to low prices, there’s more important things for Museum that is you can let them know the place quickly. In general, they will have the description of a place as well as the history. Museum has many collections, but the child will lost their interest if you go through all of them. So simply find the description of the Museum at the entry, it should describe the best collections. Let the child tick three items that he really want to see. If you have more time, pick three special exhibitions, but no more than three. It can be a disaster for your child if you spend all day.

Arrange a different Practice for your Child

Write a diary about foods, use tongue to discriminate between different smells. Give him 10 dollars to buy some souvenirs, write down his experience. Tell them to watch the show carefully then repeat a story later.

Try it, bring your child on the road, and train their observation and imagination. Maybe you see some changes when back.