Top Universities For Your Teens To Study Abroad

For a parent, access to higher education is the most impotent channel for shaping a teen’s future career. It is a fact that the university that a person is enrolled in has unarguable influence on the skills imparted on the learner.

Furthermore, it influences the chances of employment as employers usually have interest on the reputation of the university from which a graduate is coming. The top universities are

University of Michigan:

It is the oldest university in Michigan and has two satellite campuses in Dearborn and Flint.

It is a public research institution and is therefore suitable for courses that require intense    research.

It is ranked 24th in research institutions globally.

At the moment, the university’s population is slightly less than 43,500 students.

Students from abroad are charged more tuition than local students and this has the effect of increasing fee payable.

University of California, Los Angeles:

It is ranked 44th overall in all universities across the globe.

Just like the University of Michigan, University of California, LA is a public research institution and therefore inquisitive knowledge can be acquired here much easily.

The university emphasizes on extra curricula activities and traditions.

There are annual music and sporting events organized and attended by high profile individuals in the fields.

The university has arguably the best alumni association which sponsors university events and competitions.

Top Universities For Your Teens To Study Abroad

University of Cape Town:

It is located in Cape Town, South Africa in one of the most serene environments of Africa.

It is a public institution and most of the policies are based on the central government’s higher education regulations.

It has a student population of about 24,000 out of who 15,000 are undergraduates.

This shows that more emphasis is put on teen education.

 America University in Cairo:

Located in Cairo Egypt, most of the social environment around this university is Arabic and Islam.

This means that Sharia laws could play an important role in the life of a student in America University in Cairo.

It’s annual undergraduate research program and other exhibitions of art nurture and recognize talent and academic skills in learners.

National University of Singapore:

It is popularly known as NUS.

It is located in Singapore, the sovereign city which also forms Singapore the country.

Its Bukit Timah campus is one of the most recognized law institutions in Asia and globally.

The NUS Entrepreneurship Center is an incubation for training young and upcoming scholars on all matters to do with business innovation and creativity.

This gives a learner an almost perfect environment for nurturing and developing business skills.

The University of Hong Kong:

It has 10 academic faculties.

The main language of instruction is English.

This allows incorporation of all students, including those who do not understand Chinese.  Before admission, students must apply online through a joint admissions board referred to as JUPAS.

The application is subjected to scrutiny.

Enrollment for foreign students is at the rate of 8% (with respect to local students).

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