The Most Popular Jobs In Texas

Taking into account the challenges of the modern world, hardly anyone can survive comfortably without working for even a month. Just like a number of other parts of the world, the US economy also went through a slump in recent years and it is still recovering from the shocks of the great recession. However, there are still many professions that were not affected by the collapse. Texas happens to be the second most populous state of the US, with countless people from other states and countries coming there to earn their livelihood.

Texas possesses some amazing cities like Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth and El Paso. You can find any kind of job in these cities; however, the options are somewhat limited if you move towards the rural areas or smaller towns.

The Most Popular Jobs In Texas

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular jobs in this wonderful state:


Teaching is considered to be one of the most respected professions in the world as it allows individuals to impart their knowledge to the next generations and make a healthy contribution towards the society. If you are highly qualified, finding teaching jobs in Texas will not be too difficult for you. Having a huge population, there is an increasing need of schools, colleges and universities, allowing qualified professionals to get well-paid jobs. Apart from the major cities, you can find teaching jobs even in smaller cities and towns.


Texas produces a number of engineers each year and professionals of this field come to work in Texas regularly. Taking into account the need of new buildings, roads and infrastructure, engineers are high in demand in Texas. You can search online for construction companies and engineering firms in Texas and may apply online if you qualify for certain positions.


Just like the rest of the world, medical students get very good jobs in Texas. Most hospitals and institutes pay handsome salaries to doctors and other professionals relating to the field of medicine and health. Medical jobs are high in demand in Houston and Dallas.


If you are a lawyer, chances are high that you will not have to struggle too much in Texas in the presence of a number of renowned law firms, that offer lucrative packages to talented individuals.

Art Jobs

If you are an artist and struggling to find a handsome living, Texas’ capital, Austin, might just be the perfect place for you, as it is a liberal city and offers a lot of green jobs. Apart from Austin, Dallas also offers many artistic jobs.

Oil Jobs  

Texas has a number of oil fields, which is the reason why many licensed oil companies work in the region, giving employment to a huge number of people. Most oil jobs are available in Houston. Professionals from neighboring states and other countries come to Texas to find attractive jobs in oil field.

Call Centers

If you possess good communication skills, you can easily find a job in a call center.