`You all know that education is vital in today’s society. That’s why you should ascertain that your children gain a quality education which not only ameliorates their knowledge but also fosters the development of skills within the children. Wandsworth Nursery was established to bridge this gap by providing top-notch nursery education to all children. At this preschool, development of the child’s skills and provision of knowledge to the children are the crucial tasks which are initially prioritized by the staff members. Also, it is built extraordinarily with all the facilities necessary for a smooth learning to take place.

The school is passionate about innovations and excellence in all corners of education. It also has a considerable vast experience in providing quality preschool education thus making it the best learning center for your child’s talents, needs, skills, and interests. The staff members devote their time in nurturing the children’s intelligence by teaching them an unequaled curriculum

With very strong alumni who have been auspicious after joining primary schools, most schools prefer our children to those of other preschools. Wandsworth Nursery focuses on developing the confidence of the child together with teaching the children on how to comprehend their personal and societal needs. This capacitates them to be responsible and compassionate members of the society. However, this is made possible by our well-trained staff who possess remarkable experience in providing nursery education.

To provide quality education which meets the professional demand, the school is guided by sundry of visions and promises which help foster the types of teaching services offered to your children.

Vision of the preschool

  1. The innovation of spic and span education methods which focus on the learning of children.
  2. Recognition by Ofsted, parents and pertinent media in the provision of quality education.
  3. To influence and act as ambassadors to the early childhood education of your child. This includes creating high-quality nurseries and provision of cutting-edge education to the children.

Promises and responsibilities of the school

  1. Provision of a learning environment which supports your child’s talents, needs, interests, and abilities.
  2. Ensuring all the children are nurtured in a loving and caring learning environment.
  3. Keeping your child secure at any time of the day.
  4. Meeting all the needs of the children.
  5. Helping the children improve their confidence level spatially, verbally and bodily.
  6. Helping the children acquire critical thinking by practically applying it to make decisions.
  7. Introducing the children to the vast world of culture especially in arts, music, technology, science, and innovation.
  8. Helping the children go through the process of entering a school.

Wandsworth Nursery believes in unraveling a unique learning syllabus for each and every child according to the talents, needs, interests, and abilities of the child. The needs considered within the child include security, safety, trustworthy relationships, nourishment, encouragement, praise, curiosity, and respect. Apart from this, talents and skills which a child was born with are taken into consideration before assigning a child to a particular learning curriculum. Lastly, the interests and abilities demonstrated by a child are incorporated in designing the curriculum. This enables the child to do what he or she is passionate about perfectly.