The Impact Of 3D Printing And What Impact Has It Brought To Schools

With technology encroaching in every sphere schools are not left behind. In fact, there is a demand for smart schools today which have all the latest technologies well embedded, so that students are not new to something when they move out of school campus. Plus it opens and brightens the mindset of children as well as opens them to larger opportunities.

At ASME that is American Society of Mechanical Engineers in San Diego the annual meet was held and it was here that a large discussion about 3D printing technology was brought up by the students and how if not present in schools could be such a disadvantage for many. They also discussed about its pros and how could it lay a positive impact on our future.

Out of one of the twelve technologies which was drawn out by McKinsey Global Institute, having the potential to convert and promote business, life and global economy in a positive way, 3D printing was definitely noted down as a procedure of building three dimensional object with the help of digital media.

Several stuff such as jewelry; prosthetics and disposable underwear were produced with the help of 3D printer. There was also news rotating about Microsoft and that it would soon announce about its new 3D printing app which would be available for its Windows 8.1.

As per ASME’s president, Madiha Kotb several schools as well as colleges must make an initiative to soon catch up with the most up-to-date 3D printing and manufacturing. Not only this, she also noted that this kind of technological progression should sooner be introduced in the K-12 curriculum.

There are now several universities and colleges which have taken an initiative to start off soon with 3d printing and create more awareness and space for it in their campus. For instance, in universities, it has been installed in library, and also in several schools also.

Several schools such as the University of Illinois, University of Alabama and New Hampshire have themselves created spaces, where both students and also the staff members can take out time and learn as in how to use these advanced equipments and hence make prototypes.

One of the associate dean and professor at the business school of New Hampshire, Venky Venkatachalam also stated that the current addition of 3D printer in the school has raised huge interest of students not only who belong to business school, but also those who are belonging to the liberal arts, engineering, law as well as students of science division.