Survival of the Comet ISON-The Most Interesting Science of This Century

Last Thursday it was identified as declared on twitter by the European Science Agency that comet ISON is dead. ISON is a comet with a bright tail that was quiet visible from the space. It was falling down but was found dead while it was grazing the Sun. It looked like a dirty snowball that was fringing from the Solar System.

Later on it was observed to come down and was also declared dead by the scientists when it was passing around the Sun. reasons behind its death was it’s moving towards the Sun and the distance was one million mile of the Sun that is 1.6 million kilometers of the Sun. All this analysis was made during the latter half of Thursday.

Surprisingly, some hope of comeback of the comet ISON was found last Friday. Scientist says that this is the most interesting fact about the science of the comets that sometimes they appear and suddenly disappears. However comeback of this comet have make the scientists astonished all over the world.

Specialty of the comet ISON

• It was visible through naked eyes due to its long tail appearance.
• It was identified by a Russian Telescope in September last year and was visible like a flash in the sky with a vivid tail.
• It is wide enough almost two by third of mile.

Alex Young who is a solar physicist of NASA said that some clear images can be taken of it with the help of Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft. But gradually it disappeared and the images could not be taken. Suddenly on its reappearance some images were taken on Friday and after analysis it was declared that a streak of light was moving away from the Sun which brought lots of hope for the scientists.

Alan Fitzsimmons is an astronomer at the Queens University in Belfast of Northern Ireland made some conclusion about the comet ISON and said that it consist of an object that is emitting material. Images from other spacecraft were also taken and it was clear that a light streak is coming out and continuing from the Sun and in spite of passing from the Sun the trail has not faded rather it hot brighter last Friday. This indicates that some small part of the earlier comet ISON is still alive. Scientists have hope that this can be a comet of the century.