Should You Take Your Child To Nursery School?

As a nursery school in Birmingham, Sandhills Day Nursery are asked quite often if it’s worth parent’s bringing their child to a nursery school. We will weigh up the advantages and disadvantages.

Keeping Children at Home in their Formative Years

One of the advantages of home schooling at an early age is the presence of a parent or parents guiding their child in a way that they have direct influence over. This can be deemed beneficial in many ways namely the ability to more intensive one-on-one tuition, care and attention. In a nursery school there is the possibility to mis-management, divided attention and children missing their home so much that they can’t concentrate on anything else.

Of course, one of the other main reasons parents may choose to keep their child at home is the cost. Although there are some great value day nurseries in Birmingham and West Midlands area to suit a variety of budgets, some parents may be price sensitive.

It can also be argued that a stronger bond can be built between parent and child if they are kept at home. This relationship is then allowed to flourish which builds a stronger bond between parent and child. This also links to the prevention of social isolation or bullying. If the child is at home there is less chance of the latter although the former is a possibility in either setting.

Should You Take Your Child To Nursery School?

Admitting Children to Nursery School

At Sandhills Day Nurseries in the West Midlands we love to bring children in and look after them as they are our own. Here are a few reasons why bringing your child to nursery is a good thing.

Encourage Play

Children learn through play. Although play can be done at home there are a couple problems with this. Firstly, as a parent it can be physically and emotionally demanding to play with your child or children all day. Secondly, a child can only learn so much from their parent. With a varied array of children and adults surrounding them on a day-to-day basis they are able to adapt and grow in many different ways, like a tree growing branches in all different directions.


This is not to suggest a parent cannot discipline their own children but when a wild recognises misbehaviour in the wider social setting it has the possibility to guiding them on the path to social morality. A child in nursery school has to learn right from wrong with EVERY person they meet regardless of age, gender or colour. The rich tapestry of a preschool enables a child to do just that.

Trained Professionals

As awarded the outstanding excellence award from Ofsted, Sandhills Day Nurseries know just how important it is to have trained professionals. The great thing about a nursery school is that the staff witness and experience a whole host of events that a parent at home may never see. This provides a great knowledge base that both children and parents can refer to if they have nay questions.

As the best nursery school in the West Midlands, Sandhills Day Nurseries aim to provide a safe, stimulating and happy experience for your child. We have five nurseries across the West Midlands with exceptional staff. Take a look at our website to find out more.