Samsung Galaxy S7: The Infinite Smartphone

In the recent years, Samsung Galaxy S Series smartphones have bought something special to the Android smartphone users, for example the recent Galaxy S6 is not only the beautiful smartphone but also on the tech front it is like a miracle that Samsung engineers managed to do in the early 2015 but every year, market forecaster says it is just beginning, well yes with no time Samsung may out the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The very special display in the Samsung Galaxy S6 is taking it to the highest peak in the display performance. And yes this is one of the highest figures in the history. Add to this the excellent efficacy of anti-reflective coating and conditionally “infinite” contrast AMOLED zero in black – and you get a winning combination. The screen of Samsung Galaxy S6 is alive, deep and realistic picture under all light conditions. Adjusting the gamma in the Galaxy S6 does not cause any complaints. The average value of is 2.26, the rate of linear and close to the standard, yes better than S5 but in the Samsung Galaxy S7 the figure would be better.

Samsung Galaxy S7: The Infinite Smartphone

The average color temperature of Galaxy S6 is close to 6500K. Color balance of Galaxy S6 in the “main” is set up very well. This is illustrated by the average value of the error Delta E value of 1.03. Miserable deviation hardly be noticeable. Color gamut of Galaxy S6 in the “main” fully complies with sRGB, without any discounts and errors. Moreover, the intermediate color values ??comprise very low error. Overall Rating 24 color patterns ColorChecker gives an average error of Delta E value of 2.2 (the maximum deviation – 4.29). Color accuracy is commendable critical distortion is not here, if we talk about the most accurate “main” screen mode.

As a result, the screen Samsung Galaxy S6 is highly appreciated: the results of testing of its AMOLED-display confidently bypass most competitors and now if we talk about the more advanced Samsung Galaxy S7 display then you might think where would be the improvement as you have one of the perfect display at present. As it is very bright and contrast, it has really wide viewing angles and color reproduction has flexible settings. In particular, the “Basic” mode offers accurate color reproduction with natural colors. The combination of excellent brightness characteristics and high-quality color screen makes the Samsung Galaxy S6 benchmark for other flagships, including the Apple iPhone 6 and other top models. But there might be the chances you won’t understand these technical specifications of the Galaxy S6 display but in short, we can define it is as the best smartphone display ever created. Also, now every one has set their eyes for the Galaxy S7 release date.