Research Paper Writing – The Art To Impress With Words

Good papers and good talks are a fundamental part of Research excellence. Research works give way to expanding knowledge, exploring technical or social issues, gaining insights into deeper problems and finding effective solutions or remedies. Often writing a paper is accompanied with presentation of your research work. Research is a job of the well-read. Students are introduced to Research papers at high school level or at college. While at first, it may seem daunting or intimidating. But with some clarity of thought and the right skills at hand, the writing will fall into place. However, in case, one finds himself straddling in the fence, then seeking help from professional academic writers SmartCustomWriting – best writing service is a good choice made.

First, what is a Research Paper? Contrary, to what most people think, a research paper is actually much more than the sum of your findings about a topic or just a literature review. A research paper is an intellectual work, that reflects your ideas, thoughts and arguments about a certain topic backed up by others ideas and experiences. Regardless of the area in which you are researching, your finished research paper should present your own ideas and opinions based on the information collected.

Research Paper Writing - The Art To Impress With Words

The heart of any research paper is the thesis statement. You will hear this time and time again. It is important for a reason. A thesis statement tells the reader a) your position on a particular issue or b) what exactly you are trying to demonstrate or substantiate. Your paper ought to be organized around your thesis statement. Each paragraph ought to move towards supporting your thesis statement. Think of it this way: the thesis statement is your main argument while all different paragraphs are formed around sub-arguments or validations. If you think gradually and carefully about the direction of your paper, it is not even necessary to write an outline. Simply continue asking yourself “How does this backing my thesis statement?” and your paper will take after a logical trajectory.

The main objective of a research paper is to communicate your ideas with others and to convince them. It can only be achieved if the author is focused and clear with his own ideas and thoughts. A good idea, if articulated well can become a great reality.

  • Identify important information: This step includes collecting all the relevant information from the research in the form of hard copies or post-its. It is here that reading through the research is important to identify and highlight key facts and phrases. This will lead to a well-organized outline to work on when the student makes notes adjacent to the information both on its relevance and placement in the paper. Organizing notes will also be of great help in putting all the information together.
  • Background relevance: Make sure to provide background and basic information in the introduction. Answer all questions that you may have posed in your paper and make sure to close all discussions in the conclusion.
  • Target Audience: The next step is to identify the target audience of who would be reading the paper. Writing a paper targeting informed audience will be different from writing to novices in the field of the chosen topic.
  • Thesis: Formulating the magical 1or 2 sentence statement at the beginning of the      paper is what drives the progress of the research. This must be done in the beginning to enable a proper flow of information revolving around the thesis.
  • Outline the draft: Applying formatting steps, the entire outline can be organized. Rules of paragraph formatting will enhance the readability of the paper. The outline highlighted in bulleted points makes it a convenient read.