Pearson, World’s Largest Education Company

• Pearson selling The MergerMarket:

Pearson, the world’s largest education company, has sold the leading provider of global corporate news, The MergerMarket Group, to BC Partners. The deal is being sealed at 382 Euros in cash.

The MergerMarket that was founded in 1999 and taken over by Pearson in 2004 has been the biggest source of information when it came to know about analysis and intelligence for advisory firms, law firms, private equity firms, hedge funds, investment banks.

Pearson has been providing financial, business information, educational information with the help of Financial Times Group. Its network is spread in over 70 countries providing education to every age group and having employees around the count of 40000.The Pearson is thinking of using the money that comes from the sale of the MergerMarket in the global education market. As MergerMarket was able to flourish well under Pearson’s ownership, it is being happily brought by the BC Partners that is a leading private equity fund firm. The payment is said to be completed by end of the first quarter of next year that is 2014.

• Pearson And Its New “Efficacy Framework

John Fallon, the CEO of the world’s largest education company Pearson, has come up with a new idea, a tool created by him that will help him to access the details for the type of education program required in the certain area of concern. It is an effort to make a systematic approach to the education programs and ensured to be applied. In the two years of making of the efficacy framework, no program till date has been terminated but according the CEO, John Fallon himself has helped in improving the program.

The CEO relates it to the observations of the doctor when he treats his patient. Like the doctor comes out with different approach and results when he diagnosis his patient in a similar fashion, with this “efficacy framework”, he says that they are able to diagnose the program implemented and fix the errors if any.

The CEO is also not promoting any investments that do not fit the framework’s criteria.

Pearson believes in investing the money from the deal in the rising demands of school, colleges and other professional institutes for educational purposes. Not only that, the focus is to invest in schemes and many other digital learning and educational services. Pearson wishes to expand its wings more and cover maximum area globally and be able to spread education in every corner of the world.