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Learn The Diverse Humanities Course At Jindal

The Jindal School of Liberal Arts is a premier institute that offers the wonderful courses of three-year BA (Hons.) in Liberal Arts and Humanities and four-year dual-degree program with Rollins College. I was a different student since childhood. Most of the children in my school days will study hard to score great marks in the exams. I was not interested in merely textbook reading. I was always wondered by the education system of the best university for humanities in India.

Learn The Diverse Humanities Course At Jindal

What is This All About?

The Liberal Arts course is a new and interesting course in India. It is not an ordinary course. It’s a highly specialized course that provides the information about various subjects. I wanted to study a unique course at the undergraduate level that contains the various disciplines. My dream was made possible by the undergraduate course offered by this particular institute.

The course consists of 19 core classes, 6 elective class, 8 major courses, one thesis, 2 summer internships and 2 winter internships. The aim of this course is to enable the students to think from the various perspectives. The students are also taught about two foreign languages. The interdisciplinary nature of the course allows the students to learn multiple subjects that can help them to forge a career in any of the fields they seem to desire for themselves.


The institute is committed to attracting talent at any cost. They actively advertise their several scholarship initiatives in their site and brochures. The eligible students can gather more information by contacting the authorized personnel. The merit-based scholarship is a major boon for the meritorious students without sufficient financial funds for studying.


Due to the diverse nature of the undergraduate course in this institute, the students can pursue any career. They are taught to think analytically with passion. Hence, they can work in multiple jobs that demands high-level of analytical, communication, leadership and problem-solving skills. There are multiple positions that require a new way of managing their tasks. Therefore, the students after finishing their graduation can easily get a job in the top-level organizations, that too in the medium to high-level positions.


The admission is done on the basis of SAT, ACT or Jindal Scholastic Aptitude Test (JSA). The students are needed to write and explain the reason for studying this course in 1000 words. They also need to explain their goals, personality and whatever passion they have in their minds. After clearing the entrance test, the students will be called for the personal interview round.

The Perfect Course For Me

The course structure of this fantastic course has me hooked on it. I can never think about any other course other than Humanities in this institute that has been regularly