Kickstart An Adventurous Career With Motorcycle Technology Training

Have you ever thought about how great it would be if we could follow the career path that we actually wanted to? Our parents keep yelling at us about taking on a ‘responsible’ career path so we can live sober, boring lives but at least there’s job stability. Given half a chance, I would love to become an evil mastermind and overlord of the galaxy or maybe just Bill Gates. But that involves taking risks! And when have people ever been supportive of that? I have a friend who’s a crazy good motorcycle driver and also a great motorcycle rider. But he was scared of the same risks and he became a doctor instead. How boring, right? I got to know taking up a career in motorcycle training is the best decision you will possibly make. Read on to find out more:

Is there a Demand for Motorcycle Mechanics?

Everyone has a need, a need for speed. Yes, I just quoted Top Gun and I realize that it has nothing to do with motorcycles. But the quote rings true. Which is why people buy motorcycles. There is a sense of freedom to it. But are there enough people to repair these speed demons? No, not really. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , till May 2013, there were only 14,960 motorcycle mechanics in the entire country. You know how many motorcycles were registered till 2011? The answer is an incredible 8,437,502. So as you can clearly see, the number of mechanics isn’t nearly enough to handle all that traffic.

Kickstart An Adventurous Career With Motorcycle Technology Training


Is it a ‘responsible’ Career Choice?

If you’re passionate and driven and are mechanically minded when it comes to motorcycles, then this is a great option for you. Motorcycle mechanics are responsible for inspection, restoration and trouble-shooting bikes and consider the sheer number of motorbikes on the road today, the demand for such people will always be there in the market. Contrary to popular belief, the job is just not mainstream and isn’t risky at all. Motorcycle mechanics get a stable salary of up to $50,000 a year. These days, the mainstream career paths have become more risky thanks to the sheer number of people who’d prefer not to tread the road less taken. Motorcycle mechanics is the stuff dreams are made of if you really love those behemoths.

What do you need to become One?

This industry is growing at the steady rate of 9 per cent so formal training will take you a long way. Even though on-the-job training does happen, specialized training can give you an edge over other candidates since you already know what goes where. Some colleges like YTI offer short term courses or diplomas which can last between six months to two years (YTI has a nine month course) where they make you practice with on-site vehicles like Harleys, Yamahas and Ducatis. You get to learn how to fix ‘em and have a great time doing it too! Who wouldn’t love this job?

Kickstart An Adventurous Career With Motorcycle Technology Training


What you need to know

Considering you cannot ride a bike when the weather’s cold, where there are fewer bikes, there will be less demand for motorcycle mechanics too obviously. Finding employment in this field is all about location. California, Maryland and Connecticut are some of the highest paying states when it comes to this job. If you’re not from a state where motorcycles are a common sight on the road, you might want to look at moving out. You can get a job with dealerships, repair shops or even open a shop of your own if you have that prowess.

So there you have it. A career path in motorcycle repair will not just spell out stability, but will also get your adrenaline pumping diagnosing these behemoths on the road. If you love bikes, you should think twice about getting certified now, so that you have an edge over other candidates.