Key Tips That Can Help Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is really an amazing powerful program with lots of outstanding features, and learning all these features can be a challenging task.  It’s a great tool for creating complex vector artwork, logo design or playing with illustrated typography design. In this article, I am sharing top 10 my favorite and most-used features that will help you get the most out of this remarkable software program.

Key Tips That Can Help Adobe Illustrator

Pathfinder Options: It is an important tool to take uncomplicated objects and make them a bit more multifaceted with the click of a button in the “Pathfinder panel”.

The Width Tool: Enables you to take things such as a stroke, and turn them into a stroke with several widths. After that, convert that into an item and everything you want with it.

New Features for Ruler Guides: you can double-click immediately make guides with this tool. In addition, if you go to the corner point, then you can drag it downward to change two guides together.

Custom Toolbar’s: It is filled with tools and lots of them you might not use. To create a toolbar with  Custom Toolbar’s, you need to go to Window>Tools>Custom, then just drag the tools you want from the original toolbar into the new you have built up, then replace old toolbar with the new one.

Duplicate Last Function: It permits you to copy the last thing you did by using the shortcut Control D. For instance, if you want to duplicate an object and copy it across the page, just choose the object and click Command D, then keep clicking  on it as many times as you want it to duplicate.

Key Tips That Can Help Adobe Illustrator

Gradient Mesh: It enables you to make realistic images as well as help you to take a 2D picture and create an effect to make that look 3D.

Touch Type Tool (latest): Get this tool new tool under the Text tool options, and can be used to manipulate or control the effects of simply one letter.

Image Trace: It is also known as “Live Trace”, and with the help of this tool, you can convert an image into vector as a vector object. For this, you need to just choose the image and click the Image Trace button, which is accessible at the top of the document.

Live Paint: If you need to convert an image into vector, and then use this powerful tool.  Select it and then click on the Image Trace button. After that, choose the live paint bucket tool and start clicking and painting individual choices in your image.

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