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Is The College Greek System Cult Like?

For anyone not involved or have never been involved in the Greek system at their university or college they may not understand the secrecy and rituals involved in all fraternities and sororities. Parents often get scared that their children are joining a cult like organization and will often get worried about the activities conducted behind closed doors. When I first told my parents that I intended on joining a fraternity they immediately thought it was a cult like experience that valued their secrets a little too much. The Greek system does have its secrets but for all the right reasons; this article will explain the reasons for the secret rituals in the Greek life and why they are important.

Is The College Greek System Cult Like

What is the reason for secrets, such as the handshake or secret word?

In order to be initiated into a sorority or fraternity the student will have to go through a long pledging process which can last a semester or even longer. The work that is done by these students can range from a fundraiser to a philanthropy project, and even some community service. The secret handshake and secret words that are passed down from brothers or sisters to new initiates every initiation period are very special. The secrets that are passed down give the new fraternity or sorority members the sense of bonding; only the people in their respective group will know these secrets, with in turn makes the bond with everyone involved even stronger.

Are fraternities and sororities cult like?

Fraternities and sororities have their own flag, flower, handshake, and even capitals where nationals are located. The Greek system is very similar to that of any independent country, for instance let us take a look at the U.S.A. The United States has its own country song, flag, capital, and history, which is all very much similar to that of the way fraternities and sororities work. These symbolic references only bring unity to otherwise a disorganized and disaffiliated group. The secrets are another reason that many people think that the Greek system is cult like; however the reason these are even in place is to distinguish who is in the group and who isn’t. Anyone could say they were a part of a group but if they cannot prove it, how would anyone else know they were in? Joining a fraternity or a sorority is a lot of hard work; therefore the secrets should be special and not known by everyone.

The Conclusion

Although I may be bias because I am involved in a college fraternity, I do not believe there is any dangerous cult like behavior going on. The only thing that the Greek system is guilty of is of is providing unity to otherwise a bunch of disorganized students. For any parents still worried I can assure you that the secrets are only kept to keep unity within the group, and are not dangerous to the physical or mental health of the students.