How to Select the Right Humanities College in India

Going from school to college is a huge leap undoubtedly and sometimes it is stressful and cumbersome. For the next step into the future of their academics, humanities is a greater option as it offers a lot of opportunities in the future. Unlike technical course, in the study of arts, a cross-disciplinary education and a wide overview of the subjects is provided at the humanities colleges in India.

The students of the humanities stream get a wide variety of colleges to choose from but they need to choose the best college of humanities in India to get the best education. Also, in the future, they will be preferred by the employer companies and sectors.

Here are a few tricks which may help you to select the best humanities college in India:

Classrooms of Smaller Sizes: If the ratio of teacher and student is small then teachers are able to give attention to every student individually and education of better quality can be provided to the students by the professors. In humanities, a student is never considered as a mere number and at the colleges of humanities, the classrooms must have 12-30 students on an average. So, check this factor while selecting a college for yourself to get the best education and to clear all your doubts about any topic.

Focus on Undergraduate students: Some of the humanities colleges also offer master degree programs. But you must ensure that the main focus of the college you are opting for is on the undergraduate students. This is the level where the students are completely unknown to the environment and nature of the course and college. So, the college must reduce the fear of the undergraduate students by taking utmost care of them and making the atmosphere of the college comfortable for them. Also, the college must ensure good career opportunities to the undergraduate students when their course ends.

Importance of Creative thinking: Humanities unlike science subjects, gives you wings to soar high in the sky of imagination. It lets you explore out of the box ideas. Humanities is all about that, the more innovative you can be the more success you will get as they will be more capable of analyzing any matter tactfully and to participate in an interesting discussion. So, the college you are going to go should not only depend on lecture-based education but also on the teaching method which will help you to flourish.

Cost: Humanities subjects do not require any practical class, it is basically theory based. Therefore, the cost of the courses in this stream must not be high. If a college is charging high cost, it is an indication that the college only wants money nothing else. So be careful about the cost before you get yourself admitted to a college. After all, you want quality education at an affordable price, not a college where nothing is taught properly.