How To Get A Great Hospitality Internship In Australia

Whether you want to experience a unique adventure, gain additional hospitality training or make yourself appealing to future employers, then you need to consider getting a hospitality internship in Australia. Following these two steps will put you on your way to finding the perfect opportunity.

Before you travel to Australia for your internship, you need to obtain a work visa. Two options are available, and these are the short-term work visa and the Australia Working Holiday Visa. The visa you choose will depend on your individual circumstances.

The short-term work visa is appropriate for individuals who desire to intern for less than six months, and it requires sponsorship from an employer. Before looking for an employer who will sponsor you, you need to read up on current laws regarding character responsibilities, financial obligations and health requirements as criteria is subject to change at any time. Once you find that you can meet all of the requirements for this particular visa, you can begin the process of employer sponsorship. In order to be sponsored, you need to initiate contact with the company and prove that you are serious about obtaining the internship. College transcripts that demonstrate a high grade point average and academic awards serve as evidence that you are 100 percent dedicated, responsible and are well suited for the position.

How To Get A Great Hospitality Internship In Australia

The Australia Working Holiday Visa is well suited for those who desire to work from six to 12 months. For this visa, you must be between the ages of 18 and 30 and have a passport from one of the eligible countries. The application process for this type of visa is seamless. All you need to do is apply over the Internet, pay A$365 and wait for approval. Visas are typically approved anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. The Australia Working Holiday Visa will also allow you to have one paid position during the time you are there. If you happen to work an unpaid internship and find a side job, you will not be penalized.

You may feel overwhelmed by all of the hospitality internship opportunities that are available in Australia; however, you can relax knowing that you can choose which internship will suit you best. You have two choices available for obtaining internships, a placement program that provides RMLV training or seeking them independently. You can check out Zealifi website to learn more about RMLV courses. When you use RMLV training programs, you can speak with a consultant or counselor about hospitality intern opportunities, and the counselor or consultant will put you in touch with whatever internships fit your preferences. Independently sourced hospitality internships can be found by conducting a Google search checking on a variety of social networking sites and networking with fellow colleagues and students.

Many people are enticed by Australia’s beautiful wildlife, slow paced lifestyle and promise of adventure. As a matter of fact, Sidney is one of the top interning destinations in the world because it has all of the amenities of a big city yet provides the laid back atmosphere of a rural community. Most countries have language requirements for individuals who wish to study and work internationally, and Australia is one of them. But since you speak English, you will be able to effortlessly study abroad and enjoy an outstandingly fabulous experience.