Google’s New Application For Education- An Interesting Development In the World of Technology

It was Conway where a summit was held for two days for delivering knowledge about usage of Google application for education. It was called to provide people some learning about how to get best out of this application for education. Conway was specifically chosen as the site for summit because Conway’s newly built high school is considered to be updated with the latest technology available till date as said by Debbie Miller, the director of instructional services of Conway public school. The summit was also held in many other places like Tokyo, Sydney, South Africa, Brazil and many other countries also. It is also scheduled that the education fest can be held by the end of December this year in Tel Aviv.

Objective of the Summit-

• To spread the knowledge of the application of the technology and make it more efficient in expanding learning opportunities.

Participants- Many school teachers, administrator and IT managers participated in this event some of them are named below

• Nancy Spencer- from Buffalo Island Central School
• Her Co worker Jae Glass
• Debbie Miller- the director of instructional services of Conway public school.
• Dan Taylor- Education technology entrepreneur and founder of application event
• Wayne Browning- The technology Coordinator at the American School of Bangkok.

They all enjoyed the summit and were very excited to apply the Google application education technology in their own schools. They all said that they have learned a lot and want to make it reachable to their students back to their districts.

Specialty of the technology- this application if free and provides centralized and regularly updated service.

• It can be very usefully applies for the virtual field trips and can have a knowledgeable impact on the students at the classroom level
• Wider use of chrome book carts thereby implementing the policy of “bring your own device”
• Useful for both in the classroom and also at home
• Very comfortable and easy to use.
• It is based on the technology of collaboration

Thus the Google application for education technology is enriched with all new modes of sharing notes and study materials. As said by the participants their students are ready to accept the new technology and it is going to be a big time of engagement with this technology. To know more click on the Google’s site and get all the uses of the Google’s application for education like Google hangouts.