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Employment Issues: The Most High Demand Jobs In Canada

Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, a member of the Group of Eight and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. It is a country with highly developed market economy with a high degree of governmental interference. The Government actively supports the status of the country open for immigration, because it brings a significant contribution to the economy. Many people annually immigrate to Canada in search for well-paid job. Undoubted advantages of employment in this country are proved by the facts that Canada ranks first in the world in living standards, citizenship is granted after 3 years of living and social protection and health care are provided on the highest level.

If you have not filed an application for permanent residence, do not have a permanent resident or citizen status and want to come to this country to work for more than six months, these information will help you to realize your plans. You need to get work permit to work legally here.

Leaving aside the lists of migratory occupations and professions that change over time and affect primarily the possibility of immigration, we will try to help you understand what professions are in demand in Canada, based on the assumption that the candidate is fluent in English (or French) and has the right to work in Canada using a few examples. Here are the most popular vacancies good for potential employment.

Employment Issues: The Most High Demand Jobs In Canada

If you have qualification of electrician, you can pass through necessary training and get certification (particularly in Ontario) within several months. Then chances of employment will be quite high. This profession is well paid. In addition, a certified electrician is always able to work independently, as a subcontractor for one-time (or regular) contracts.

If you are IT-specialist (programmer, web-developers, system administrator, network technologies specialist, etc.) you can find a job immediately as all these specializations do not require certification or licensing. Dynamic labor market in this area makes the chances of successful employment quite real. You can also use extensive social network when looking for vacancies.

If you look for a job in office, you can find numerous vacancies of administrators and other office stuff. The specifics of work is usually the same regardless of the employer specialization: dealing with correspondence, registration of primary documentation, preparation of work schedules, appointments, call answering , information retrieval , and other similar functions. This profession is not highly paid modestly, but it is quite suitable for many situations as a first job.

Cafes and restaurants industry is developed throughout the country, so it is quite real to find vacancies of cooks and waiters. Many newcomers to Canada work for some time on construction sites. Vacancies search is very simple – just walk around and talk with foremen at each construction site. Usually, it is not difficult to find the object, where construction workers are required. Vacancies of workers for construction, renovation and decoration are published in local newspapers. Wage, of course, will be minimal, and the work – hard.

Skilled health personnel have always been in high demand, mainly: general practitioners (family doctors, internists) and family physicians, highly specialized doctors (surgeons, anesthesiologists, dermatologists, urologists, neurologists, gynecologists, cardiologists and others) and physical therapists that specialize in treatment with the help of massage, exercises and various therapies without surgery. If you want to be a doctor in Canada – you should better pass through family doctor’s trainings as you can find a lot of vacancies of this medical specialization.

Todd Tran in collaboration with Vivian Phelps for about job vacancies in Canada.