Cutting The Cost Of College Supplies

With college tuition and boarding rates already being through the roof, it is important to cut costs as much as possible for any other school related needs. Once you’re done coming up with the cost for your tuition it is time so start looking at school supplies. Since school supplies, dorm room accessories, and much more can be pretty pricey, it is important to get the best deals on all of these items. Whatever ever college you will be attending this fall be it South University or one of the hundreds of others, be ready to go for less.

Dorm Life

There are many retailers that cater to students, especially those moving into dorms. Target, Walmart, and number of other large department stores have back to school sales offering discounts on all items toward the end of summer.

Another way to cut the cost of dorm room necessities is to acquire items little by little. Purchasing certain items over the few months before move in reduces a large bill at the end of the summer. All stores offer all kinds of deals all year long. If there happens to be items needed for a dorm on sale earlier in the year, it is best to buy it at that time.

Cutting The Cost Of College Supplies


College students should never purchase their textbooks from the campus bookstore. Prices of the textbooks in the store are extremely high. Students will also not get the full price they paid on the book when they sell their books back to the store. There are a number of ways that students are able to acquire their textbooks at a significantly cheaper price.

  1. Downloading an E-Textbook is a lot cheaper than buying the book. You only pay a small price for the download. This is also great for students who have a kindle or tablet.
  2. Renting textbooks is another way to get the books you need for cheap. Renting can be more than half the cost of buying the book and you return it after.
  3. Buy used. Used textbooks are still in great shape and are significantly cheaper than brand new.
  4. Goes on sites like Amazon,, and more. These sites sell all the books you need for some of the lowest prices.
  5. Buy or borrow a book from someone who has already taken the class. For those students who like to keep all of their textbooks, you might be able to borrow it for free. If a student is selling their book they might sell it for a lot cheaper than the price at the book store.

School Supplies

The simple binder, pen, paper, and backpack can usually be found for decent prices. Or some students can use their left over supplies from high school. The biggest necessity for college students is a laptop. All papers needed to be typed and a lot of courses are offered online or require work to be done online. This is also a large expense. Companies like Apple give student discounts on computers. Refurbished laptops are also something to look into when it comes to purchasing a laptop. Many campuses have computer labs that students can use to type up their papers or do their homework online. This is also a good way to save on a computer until the student has the money to purchase their own.

Going to college can already be a big expense in itself. The Supplies for college do not have to be. Students can find many ways to cut down college supply expenses.