College Education: 6 Hints For Deciding Which Field You Should Study

Making the decision to obtain a college education is an accomplishment in itself. However, once you are enrolled and begin to register for classes, you’ll soon see that picking out a major and a field can make the experience even more enriching. Below is a brief list of six common career fields you might choose. This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list, but it will cover some hints as to whether or not you’d be in the right field for you. It’s important to consider a wide variety of options.


This field is one of the most popular. So many dream of becoming teachers, whether at the elementary level or up to teaching college students. Individuals who are patient, intelligent, open-minded and comfortable speaking in front of groups are often the best candidates for the job. Be aware of the job climate though; some parts of the country present a struggling economy for educators.


A lot of young people like to express themselves with their words in writing, so they opt for a major that allows them to do so. Understanding that journalism is very different from creative writing or doing more traditional research writing is important so as not to be disappointed upon taking that first class.


Plenty of young adults are recognizing the state that the economy is in, and they want to pick a career that has plenty of opportunities and that is likely to stay around for quite some time. Engineers are almost always in demand, so if you like mathematics and technology, then this field might just be the right one for you to start participating in.

College Education- Six Hints For Deciding Which Field You Should Study

Healthcare Industries

In the field of healthcare, you’ll find plenty of jobs including surgeons, doctors, nurses and dentist. Individuals who participate in these types of programs usually need to go on after their undergraduate years. Whether you’ll have to go into a post-masters nursing program, a medical school specializing in pediatrics, or dental school, know that these careers involve a major commitment. The school you attend if you’re seeking to complete a post-master’s DNP program or the school for earning an MD will be quite different experiences. Thus, any career expert will recommend thoroughly researching your healthcare school and chosen specialty thoroughly.

Art Therapy

This field is one that has been growing recently as people are realizing the power of creativity to heal. You absolutely need to have an open-mind if you want to become an art therapist, and you also should have at least some basic skills in art. If you don’t, taking art courses would be a wise decision.


Go into any college, and you’ll find plenty of people working toward a degree in English. You’ll need an eye for grammar and metaphors, but you can go into so many different fields with this degree. You might decide to each literature at the college level, or you can go on to law school.

Deciding what you want to do with the rest of your life before you are even 20 years old can be challenging. Fortunately, colleges generally give you the opportunity to dabble in a variety of courses.