Chic Hints To Make A Job Interview Glide: Forewarned Is Forearmed

«One important key to success is self-confidence.

An important key to self-confidence is preparation».

Even if you are an exceptional specialist, have a great wealth of experience and good contacts with right people, have a mass of skills and knowledges – all this completely doesn’t mean that you will effortlessly throw your potential employers into an uproar by your candidacy. And all because the first impression may not become such fabulous and rosy as you would like it to be. All the more, even if you are the person they were looking for, and your profile and knowledge fully comply with their requirements for vacant position, the likelihood that the interviewer or the very boss simply won’t like you is quite large.

Chic Hints To Make A Job Interview Glide: Forewarned Is Forearmed

Roughly speaking, the interview is a period of time when you are to surprise your interviewer, impress him, focus his attention on your positive qualities and softly draw a veil over the negative ones, doing everything to interest the employers in your candidature. It is very challenging to perform all these tasks in a relatively short period of time, so you are to use your time and resources to the maximum in order to make your experience, resume, appearance, behaviour, manners and ability to carry on a dialogue speak for itself.

So, what must the Competitor for a Job Remember about Interview?

  • Put it in your Pipe and Smoke it –Never be Late!

Long before you sit down at the negotiating table, your interviewer may have already formed a very negative opinion about your person. Being late for the first interview is not just undesirable, it is strictly forbidden. The optimal time to arrive is approximately 5-7 minutes earlier – you will have a time to make up your mind, catch your breath and be purposive.

  • Attention, appearance!

Be sure, an experienced interviewer will not miss a single detail of your look. The best option is not planning any killing parties and BYOBs the day before the meeting. You must appear fresh, healthy and vigorous, not crumple and weary. Your outfit should be harmonious – nodoubtful blouses and soiled collars, no stubble and dusty shoes. Remember, we have a right for first impression only once and it directly depends on your look.

  • Speak Correctly

Don’t go mad on long stories and finest details; all you should say must be said without unnecessary lyrical digressions. You shouldn’t make a parade of your skills – it can be considered as bravado; be modest and restrained in your responses, don’t chatter like a magpie.

  • Listen Carefully 

Show the interviewer that you are interested to know more about the company and the position, but do not go too far with nodding and agreeing with everything said – it may look like flattery.

  • Stressful Interview

Many interviewers practice this technique, catching a person off guard and knocking him out of a rut. You may be suddenly asked a stupid or even personal question, which is not related to work, asked to do something strange – bring water or tear to pieces a sheet of paper; they can be rude, keep a long pause or, vice versa, not allow you to insert a word in their speech – all that is done with a single purpose: to check your behaviour in an out-of-order situation.

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We wish you good luck at your interview and remember – fortune helps them that help themselves!