Best Universities To Study Criminal Law In Australia

Those looking to embark on a career as a criminal lawyer in Australia will find an abundance of high quality law schools to choose. These top-level programs will typically admit 200 to 300 students every year. Competition is high for one of the coveted seats; students must meet criteria for previous academic performance, LSAT scores and moral character. For those who want to become lawyers, graduating from one of the top legal schools in Australia can mean receiving the dream job offer after graduation.

Becoming a criminal lawyer or lawyers specializing in other areas of practice requires up to five years of education. The student attends a school with a specialized degree program such as the Integrated Bachelor of Law (LL.B) or the Juris Doctorate (JD). The integrated Bachelor of Law has been the traditional first step for aspiring lawyers. Some schools are now offering and migrating their law programs to Juris Doctorate degrees. University of Melbourne has converted its law program and exclusively offers the Juris Doctorate for students holding a Bachelor’s degree; the LL.B is no longer an option there.

Top 4 Law Schools in Australia

1. University of Melbourne

This public university founded in 1853 is Australia’s second oldest university. Attending this school will open doors with government and private sectors alike. The Melbourne Law School has produced well-known leaders such as Prime Minister Julia Gillard, attorney general Mark Dreyfus, Governor of Victoria Alex Chemov and Justice of the High Court of Australia Kenneth Hayne. It rated as the top law school in Australia and fifth in the world.

Best Universities To Study Criminal Law In Australia

2. The University of Sydney

This prestigious public school founded in 1850 is Australia’s first official university. The school has been affiliated with or produced seven Nobel and Crafoord laureates over the years. It has been called one of the most beautiful university campuses in the world. Programs are diverse and academically rewarding for those seeking various roles within the private or public service sectors of the profession.

3. Australian National University

Established in 1946 and the only university in Australia created by Parliament, ANU has established an international reputation for its excellence in leadership and education. They work closely with Parliament being located in the national capital of Australia, Canberra.

4. University of New South Wales

Established in 1949, UNSW prides itself on being a leader in research-intensive, collaborative and interdisciplinary study programs with small intensive class structures that create a unique learning environment. They offer undergraduate legal studies and a three-year Juris Doctorate program. The school is located on the east coast of Sydney and is a hub for pioneering and forward reaching legal theory. The school is poised to continue advancing in legal research and community engagement while exploring new areas of law, science and technology.

Any of these four schools will catapult the serious and devoted law student into careers as a criminal lawyer, government lawyer, corporate lawyer and more. Research the schools carefully and investigate the structure of the programs closely. Take time to visit the campus, speak with staff and educators and get a feel for the school. Find the program that best meets your career goals and go for it!

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