As Per The Recent Report, Engineering and Science Degrees Grew High On Demand

As per the new data that was issued by National Student Clearinghouse it has been brought to notice that the endeavor to promote subjects such as engineering, science, mathematics and technology to students is gradually taking a first stand. The efforts to support students to go for these subjects are gradually sinking into the mindset of students.

It was just recently found out after a research report brought forth by the organization research centre that in the past 5 years time span, competition grew higher for bachelors degree in disciplines such as engineering and science. As measured between 2009 to 2013, there has been a raise of 19% in these disciplines as compared to other streams which saw around 9% rise.

As per Jason DeWitt, who is the lead researcher of NSC says that it is possible that it maybe institutional initiatives in some case, whereas, in others it is possible to be due to policy levers, but also, the growth is remarkable and it cannot merely be a coincidence. She felt that students were getting more responding for STEM students.

As per the NSC’s issued report, the engineering and science disciplines includes subjects such as agricultural sciences, Earth, physical science, computer science, mathematics, atmospheric and ocean sciences. Since the 2 disciplines that is psychology and social sciences come under National Science Foundation’s classification of science, they have been included under the following disciplines.

As per a research work conducted, it has been revealed that by the year 2020, most of the new job opening would have to have some kind of postsecondary education and by about 25%, there will be a raise in the area of STEM occupations. But a concern has also been expressed by others that many of the disciplines do not have many students filling the required seats, and it is likely that those positions might literally go unfilled.

Also as per the data and research work of National Science Foundation, since the year 1996, there has been an immense rise in disciplines such as engineering and science, and the flow of students is in fact outstanding.

In the year 2013, students who were aged 26 or more have earned around 18& of bachelors degree in disciplines such as engineering and science. Whereas in other disciplines, that is the non-science disciplines, older students had earned around 30% of bachelor’s degree.

In 2013, students 26 and older earned 18 percent of the bachelor’s degrees awarded in science and engineering disciplines. By comparison, older students earned 30 percent of the bachelor’s degrees in non-science and engineering disciplines.