After Learning Comes Leisure: Frat Parties

Being a student is among the top privileges one can have. Those days are usually the best days of your life, since they are filled with constant parties, lots of fun and many different people who tend to enrich that period and make it unforgettable. And yet, if you end up being a part of a frat, you should know that frat parties are among the best on the campus. Throwing those parties can be somewhat tricky, but with some proper planning, the party will end being the best one on the entire campus, the one people will be talking about for months. So what does make a good party, and what are the secret ingredients?

No Partying without Sorority Sisters

One does not simply throw a party without calling the sorority sisters. Your fellow colleagues will make the place shine and the place would simply look emptier without them, or at least weird to a certain extent. Too many guys at one place – yeah, that is super weird, and the party can become a tavern meeting. In order for the party to become wild and relentless, you need girls, lots of them. So spread the word, target certain sororities and create the event. Use social media to communicate, and before you know it, at the hour of the party you will be mind-blown by the amount of females present.

After Learning Comes Leisure: Frat Parties

Frat Trademarks

The most popular guys in every frat are those who play sports. That has always been and always will be. Make sure they wear party jerseys, or in this case their football jerseys. That will promote your frat a bit and give those boys the deserved attention they need. If you want to be super creative, you can create your own party themed jerseys for everyone invited and give them away at the entrance. There are many college party themes to choose from, and hitting the right one will be the main difference between a rocking party and a lame party.

After Learning Comes Leisure: Frat Parties

No Party without Liquor

Now where have you seen a great party without limitless amounts of liquor? Students tend to be under a lot of stress due to constant studying, and partying is one of the ways to get rid of that stress. Every frat party should be well equipped with good liquor, ranging from kegs to scotch. Keep in mind that you should not let any under aged person enter the party for you might be a subject to law breaking. If you are thinking about throwing a party now, there are more than plenty tasty liquor specials going on, so just make your picks.

After Learning Comes Leisure: Frat Parties

Bring the Games

A frat party is only up to its name if it has a full agenda of all the drinking games. And by saying “all of them”, I mean all of them. There are thousands of drinking games, and each frat has their own style. Some choose to play beer pong, while others play beer darts. One thing is for sure: no drinking game, no fun.

After Learning Comes Leisure: Frat Parties

Care About the Venue

If you cannot throw a party at your frat place, consider renting a house party. But, throwing a house party also very difficult and has many things which can go wrong. Keep in mind that you do not want your things broken, and that you want to have a place with at least 2 to 3 bathrooms. Your female friends might leave the party if they are forced to wait in huge line to get inside the bathroom, and you do not want that to happen. Therefore, spend some time planning and searching for the perfect venue if you want a successful party.

Throwing a party is not an easy task, but it is surely a fun one. Many frats throw down parties, but only those that push it to and out of the limit make it on the front page.