Acing Your University Presentation

Lots of universities will ask you to complete a presentation as part of your degree. Additionally many jobs require excellent presentation skills and even Alan Sugar’s apprentices have been asked to do a presentation from time to time. Writing an ace presentation is therefore something it pays to take time understanding. Read on and we give a few tips on how to ace a university level presentation.

Cards and Notes

A presentation requires you to do many things that an essay will not. While several skills will overlap for example the research needed, and the precise writing that needs to go into all academic work, there are other aspects to the presentation that are not tested by an essay-based project. Audience engagement is the perfect example. Your audience for a written essay will be one person, maybe two or three if the essay is double-marked.

Acing Your University Presentation

Essay Writing Services

You can request a custom presentation to be written for example by providers like Oxbridge Essays and this is another way to hone presentation skills. Please bear in mind these are not intended to be essays you hand in to your education establishment – this would be rather illegal! They do however serve as an incredibly useful guide to the naturem style and content arguments used in your study niche at the highest levels of academic recognition.

A presentation may need to be delivered, on the other hand in front of many hundreds of people! For this reason, cards and notes will help you deliver an ace presentation. The cards can help you focus your thoughts, and will ensure that you maintain eye contact with your audience, so they need to be prepared with this in mind. You need to be mindful that your audience will feel ignored if you appear to be just reading your presentation. Creating cards therefore allows you to be reminded of the things you need to address without being drawn into a sea of text that may very well distract you from your audience. Cards and notes can also be annotated, and highlighted with different colour pens and highlighters, again as a way to remind you to keep the audience engaged and make appropriate eye contact.

Visual Aids

During a presentation you can engage your audience by using visual aids for example diagrams, and tools like powerpoint and slides. You should prepare your slides with audience engagement in mind, so you will need to remember to change the slides in between the different stages of your presentation. Some students will not only prepare slides, but they will also prepare a printed accompaniment to the presentation for the members of the audience, so the members of the audience will not have to distract themselves by making notes of what you are discussing.


When it comes to presentations, practice makes perfect. Whereas, with an essay you can rework the draft in your own time, to make it perfect; you only have one shot at delivering the perfect presentation. For this reason, it really helps to do a mock presentation, or even a few mock presentations. Mock presentations will allow you to devise strategies for delivering a good presentation, for example how quickly to deliver it; when to pause; when to welcome feedback and so on. A good idea is to have a friend watch you perform and write notes about the experience, so they can make suggestions as to how you might improve the presentation.