A List Of The Best Lowa State University Professors

I have been attending Iowa State University for the past 2 years, and attended a variety of lectures taught by very different professors. Some of them were gifted lecturers, while some others definitely were not. This is a list of the best professors I ever had. Taking classes will them will probably help you get a good grade while enjoying lectures and learning a lot.

A List Of The Best Lowa State University Professors

100 and 200 level classes

Many students are required to take classes such as BIOL 211. Unfortunately at ISU, good biology professors are hard to find. Many of them have incredibly difficult exams and attending lectures religiously will not make a difference in your final grade.

One exception is Dr Boury. I signed up for her class after reading reviews students had left on Rate My Professors. She had many positive reviews, and the bad ones seemed to have been left by students who did not wish to study in the first place. I was right. Throughout the semester, I did not open the book once. Everything in the exam came from lectures that were so entertaining everyone was bound to remember something. Before exams, she would release study guides which contained absolutely everything we needed to know for the tests. In order to do well in her class, you need to attend lecture and take good notes (which is made very easy by the printable slides). Back home, within a day or two, type up all your notes in the study guide. When the time comes to study for the test, you will have all the material ready and you will probably do very well. She also held review sessions online, so we did not have to go to campus in the evening. She may not do this every year, but when I took the final, all questions came from the semester’s exams. All I had to do was take the old exams until I got perfect scores. I got an A in her class.

If you are a psychology major or want to take an easy yet interesting class, Dr Madon is a good choice. I only took PSYCH 380 with her, but she also teaches PSYCH 280 as well. I took her class because a friend of mine said she was one the of the best lecturers he ever had. He was right, she is incredibly interesting and while the class was supposed to be 3 hours long, she always finished within 2 hours and these 2 hours passed very quickly. She always gives real life examples to illustrate the theories, which makes them very easy to remember. In PSYCH 380, exams were not particularly easy and her study guide were not as good as Dr Boury’s, but she always curves the final grade very generously. I got an A- in the class without reading the book.

300 and 400 levels

By far, the best professor I had at ISU was Dr Eric Cooper. I took PSYCH 312 with him, and while it was an 2 ½ hour long evening class and I was experiencing unrelated panic attacks at the time, I still managed to have an A very easily. You need to attend lectures because he writes down exactly what you need to know for the test, and is extremely interesting and entertaining. Throughout the semester, he did many demonstrations to make the theories easier to remember, sang songs and even gave food samples. Once, at the Lagomarcino computer lab, I was telling a friend that Dr Cooper was “the god of teachers” and some random person behind me immediately said “it’s true!”. He also teaches PSYCH 301, but not every semester. If you take it with Dr Doug Bonett, don’t worry. He’s also a good professor, and if he doesn’t offer extra credit, ask him for an extra credit assignment. That’s what I did early in the semester, and he gave an easy assignment worth a lot of points. I also got an A in his class.

US Diversity is a requirement at ISU, and I fulfilled it by taking African American Literature 348 with Dr Minkler. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of her, but as I got to know her, I saw in her a professor who was very interested in the topic she taught and she was also a very caring individual. Get to know her, read the books, and be detailed in your assignment. If you do this, there is no reason why you should get anything less than an A. At the end of the semester, not only didn’t we have a final but she also brought a delicious Greek cheese pie for the last day. Until today, I still use the material she taught us. She chose the books very well, and I often hear about the authors on the radio or on TV. She really gave us great general knowledge of literature.

Finally, another excellent professor is Zlatan Krizan who teaches PSYCH 360. I realized early on that the study guides were useless. They basically ask you to rewrite the whole lectures without exception. What I did was read the chapters before lectures (not after!), and as I finished paragraphs, I’d summarize them in a few sentences in a notebook. Then, I’d go to lecture where he would go over the most important points. Before tests, I would re-read my summaries and read the notes. I also did the very generous extra credit, worth 10% of the final grade. I got an A without difficulties and barely studied for the final.

All of those professors are very good, and taking classes with them will give you up to 21 credits the easy way. However, you still have to study the material. I know people who took those classes and did not get As. In my opinion though, they saw the class as being easy and simply did not study enough.