5 Wonderful Video Editing Software Which Are Free

Something which has become popular nowadays is making movies on the computer. Although there is a lot of expensive video editing software in the market but at the same time there is some good free video editing software also. Here are the best video editing software that can be utilized to create unique works of art on the computer, your creativity will reach on new height by use of these software.

Windows Film Maker

This is free software for editing your videos that’s installed on almost all the newer computers which are running the newer version of Windows. This software is easy to use. It has simple features that let the user to simply pull their items into the area they drop. If you are new to movie making or you are someone who is in this profession from a couple of years, this is wonderful software that you will love to use.

Apple iMovie

This software is used for modifying videos and more or less it is like Windows Movie Maker but it was created for the Mac. You will find many advanced functions in this software. One of the drawbacks with this software is that you have to purchase it but you can also get it for free when you will buy a MAC system. In case you don’t wish to buy a MAC system, you have the option of purchasing the software only.

5 Wonderful Video Editing Software Which Are Free

Avid FreeDV

This is another free film editing software which is offered for both Windows and MAC. This also includes some fundamental video and sound editing features, along with two streams of effects. Although it is a bit difficult to get a hold of this software but those people who are using it from a considerable amount of time, can use it with total features. People who know this software inside out can get wonderful results.


This is also free software for editing films; which has a good amount of flexibility and high performance. It started as a project for school but soon many advanced features were added making it awesome software. It is great for home and as well as experts seeking advanced tools. The best part is it can be used with any other applications or editors.


This is wonderful free software for editing videos but you may find the interface a bit complicated. Due to its technical interface, it becomes difficult for the users who are new to this software. You may need some time to get used to. But once you will get accustomed to its features you can get exciting results.

After reading this article you may have reached on the conclusion that no need to buy the video editing software and spend a hefty amount, rather you must concentrate on selecting among the best video editing software. All you need to do is to start with that free software which is compatible with your system and has all the features. Soon you will be proficient in using it and could draw the maximum benefits.