5 Advices Related To Career and Jobs That You Should Not Heed To

Advice is something that will come often and come in all sort of ways. From suggestions to lead a better life to having a good career, a person gets inundated with wave after wave of torrential advices in a lifetime. Some advices are good, some are bad and some are, well, I do not know if they are even advices.

Most often these advices are harmless as it does not cause any great affect on the person, but sometimes they are life-changing and can drastically affect a person’s life. Some of these are career advices, if you follow an advice blindly and venture into the unknown paths of your career life then it is certainly a dangerous thing. Career advices should always be followed after good analysis and careful measurement of how it is going to be advantageous to further your career.

Let us look at some of the worst advices as revealed by pundits in the field that you should never give much attention to:

“Do what you love”

Doing what you love is not always a viable career option. We love watching movies or listening to music, but rarely (or nearly no one) gets paid for doing those things. So, instead of giving more importance to doing what you love, give stress on doing what you are good at. That way you will like doing it and also get paid for it.

5 Advices Related To Career and Jobs That You Should Not Heed To

For all those things that you love doing or hobbies, leave it for doing it in your spare time.

“Take the job for now, change it later when you get a good one”

Changing jobs frequently is not advisable and you would be likely to get labelled as a ‘job-hopper’. Unless you are desperate for a job or want an income, you should not just take a job for the sake of it. So, before accepting any job offer you should ask yourself if you really want the job or not. Then take a decision.

5 Advices Related To Career and Jobs That You Should Not Heed To

“You are good at science and math, you should be an engineer”

This one of the worst advices you will come across as when choosing your career field. Just because you are good at something does not necessarily mean that you will be interested in a job of the same field. Career is always dependent on what is important in your life and how you are going to achieve it. Always make sure that your ambitions are in the same direction as your choice of career.
5 Advices Related To Career and Jobs That You Should Not Heed To

“You have got a great job offer, do not think twice and join”

Do not make the mistake of joining an organisation without reviewing your job offer. Is this the right platform for you to grow your career in the future; this is an important thing for fresh graduates as it will be a life-changing decision. Find out if the job fits your future career ambitions and if this is your first job do not weigh in terms of compensation, but the learning experience you will get. This will help you to increase your skills for the future.

5 Advices Related To Career and Jobs That You Should Not Heed To

“Ignore what you feel about the work as long as you are getting paid for it well”

Not only a bad career advice, it is one of the most dangerous ones anyone can give. If you hate your job, think about leaving it. People who hate their jobs have higher rate of heart disease, depression and life-threatening disease. Your miserable feeling in the office will not only affect your life, it also affects your colleagues, friends and family. Find a job that you will feel happier and in turn, you will find success.

Ever felt that you are getting advices that are making you confused. It is time to think twice about these advices and do a detailed introspection about your needs according to your career requirements. Never suffer by following someone else’s words blindly.

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