10 Tips On How To Make A Good Accommodation Choice


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– If you will be travelling to other places in the city from your accommodation, ensure it is located near the places you would like to visit.

– If you were looking for a quiet place to stay, then choose a place located in a quiet neighbourhood whereby not much activity is taking place.

– The accommodation should not be very far from airport since you may get too tired when travelling to and fro.

Rates and Packages

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– Most accommodation places have a package you can choose from. Go through each and every package together with its pricing and choose the one that fits your circumstances and your financial ability.

Call the Hotel

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– It is important to call the hotel to inquire about the price of the package you have chosen. Sometimes, the price that has been listed in websites is not inclusive of things such as internet and other things.

– Calling the hotel can also get you lower rates and you may get a room even at the last minute.


– With rising insecurity all over the world, the accommodation place you settle for should be located in a secure area.

– Security measures such as fencing, CCTV and also security guards should be present to prevent any insecurity cases that can be avoided.

Room Amenities

– The rooms should have what you need. If you are looking for luxury, then ensure that there is a good bathroom and comfortable beds.

– Internet connection and a television should be available for entertainment purposes.

Accommodation Amenities

– If you will be spending most of the time indoors then look for accommodation that offers meals for the entire day to prevent you from going out of the hotel to look for a restaurant.

– Look for accommodation that allows self catering if you do not want to eat food from restaurants.

– If you want a luxurious place, then ensure that it has a gym and a spa among other amenities that you would like.

Facilities for the Disabled

– If you are disabled or are travelling with someone who is disabled then make sure that the accommodation has facilities that can accommodate the disabled person well and ensure he or she is comfortable.

Smoking and Non-smoking Areas

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– For the comfort of all the visitors, the accommodation place should separate the smoking areas from the non-smoking areas. Thus, rooms, restaurants and other facilities should separate these two groups.

Reviews and Ratings

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– Always check the reviews and the ratings received from previous visitors. This will help you know whether it is a good place to stay or not

Travel Mobile Applications

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They are very helpful when it comes to informing you about various hotels. You can get contact information, prices, photos of the facilities and also reviews from previous visitors.

Indian Visas

– If you will be travelling to India for business purposes or for a vacation, then you will need to apply for an Indian visa. There are various types of Indian Visas available depending on your reason for the visit.

-The visa requirements will depend on your citizenship, state of residence and also the purpose for your visit.